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Why Us

With over two decades of experience in organising Corporate and Private Events we have the knowledge, expertise and integrity to guarantee our quality of delivery. 

Our open, honest and trustworthy approach has ensured our customers continuously return to seek a service they can rely on. We pride ourselves in being able to support our clients exactly when they need us. This means we can offer end to end support or step in when we are really required. Offering you a cost effective solution with peace of mind. 

What makes us different?

The first question we ask isn’t “what is your budget?”.  What sets us apart from our competitors, is our ability to support our clients at the right stage of any event process. We will present you with innovative solutions until we find the right option that works for your budget. We recognise that every enquiry is unique, which is why we provide a personable, stress free and professional service, with a dash of happiness.
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We want to build a happier, more accepting and diverse environment that will innovate all generations.

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We are trusted because we deliver beyond all expectations and leave a positive imprint.

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We are held to the highest of regard by those who know us. There is a reason why our clients continuously return, and why we have a resilient credible network. Through our work we have earned the respect and trust we are given by our partners and associates alike.

In July we had a very successful fundraising event for the Mike Procter Foundation at South Africa House in London. The team set up and managed the event. This was professionally organised and the event was hugely successful as well as being very popular.
They are well organised, enthusiastic and efficient. Nothing was too much trouble to ensure the success of the event. The team was always prepared to 'go the extra mile' to ensure each aspect was as perfect as it could be on the night. Their support ensured the event was a success. We would recommend them for any event, large or small".
The team liaised with the venue to make sure sound, AV, food, drinks, entertainment, layout etc. were spot on. They also sourced and managed a team of volunteer helpers for the event, making sure everyone was trained and knew how to speak with and collect monies from donors on the night.