Launch Day - we are open for business

And so, it begins! 2020 has been an exceptionally difficult year for all industries, especially events, and we have seen our industry come to almost a complete halt. Corporate, music and sporting events have been cancelled across both the country and the world for most of the year. We have witnessed thousands of our industry peers and associates suffer at the hands of the pandemic with devastating consequences.  Despite this, we took the decision to stand tall and work through the strange and grueling times to make our dream become a reality, and we are extremely proud and excited to be launching Sounds Like A Plan Events.

Not a single one of us has been untouched by this pandemic. Everyone has felt the devastation of this year, in our personal lives, work lives and finances, to name but a few. Here at Sounds Like A Plan, being able to pursue a pipeline dream in the midst of such devastation has been a blessing to keep us feeling positive when everything else felt hopeless, and our focus and motivation has kept us sane. Our vision is to create a strong, diverse and forwarding thinking events business. A business-driven by our passion, knowledge and expertise.

Over this festive season we are still going to be working around strict regulations, but that doesn’t mean events have to stop. We will be working with you to create unique festive virtual gatherings for your company and continue these into the new year until the pandemic is over. Beyond supporting our clients, we want to lead open, honest and frank discussions in relation to the most prominent topics. We want to be the voice of understanding, to help drive a positive change and approach topics that may be seen as taboo. We are launching a blog to keep you up to date and inspire you with the latest trends in global events, and our news section for up-to-date information on the unique work we are doing as a company. Our ultimate desire is to inspire, support and innovate our future generation.

Through our own unique events and digital platform, we will be working with industry experts to revolutionise the world of events. We can’t wait to work with you and create distinctive and unforgettable events created especially for you and your business. 

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