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Our tried and tested network of suppliers allows us to deliver the very best at the highest quality, without compromise. We have worked vigorously, over the last decade, to build a network that we trust and can ensure our customer satisfaction against. 

Our global list of suppliers ensure that we are able to offer support, no matter the ask. In addition, we constantly challenge ourselves to ensure we work with future thinking suppliers who offer more sustainable options to reduce their environmental impact. To join our approved supplier list get in touch.


Food and Drink

The Food and drink vendors we have on our approved list are some of the best globally. We can find the right caterers to suit your event who can cook an array of cuisines. 

From canapes and buffets to three course meals, desserts and more. Whatever your heart desires we can find the perfect match for you and your guests.



Want to make an impact at your event?  Why not book one of our talented entertainers. 

For music, celebrity appearances, magicians or something more suitable to your needs look no further. We have a large list of options to suit all variety of events.


Private Hire

Anything you need for your event whether its chairs, tables glass wear or a photographer, decorator or you just want to find that special element to make your event stand out from the rest. 

Our list of vendors could be what you are looking for. We are here to help!

She and her team were always prepared to 'go the extra mile' to ensure each aspect was as perfect as it could be on the night. Their support ensured the event was a success. We would recommend her company for any event, large or small"
They sourced the venue, seeking the necessary approval from the local council and tenants. They also sourced the caterers, organised security, assigning roles and responsibilities and working with our in-house marketing team to oversee the communication aspect for the event.
The team always brought a flexible and adaptable approach at all times, along with energy and focus to all areas”.